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Quotes "I've had endometriosis for 17 years, and because of that, had issues getting pregnant. I previously had worked with another acupuncturist in Nebraska for 9 months with no success. I decided to switch to Mandi due to her more individualized approach. Within 7 months of treatment with Mandi, we found out that we were pregnant after trying for 3 years! I'm now 29 weeks along with a pregnancy that has had several complications, and Mandi's been with us the whole way. In fact, just last week, she got our very stubborn baby to flip from a breech position to vertex! I feel very fortunate to have found Mandi and cannot thank her enough for all she's done for our family." Quotes
Julia K

Quotes "Lotus Moon Acupuncture is a gem of a find. Mandi is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about her work and most importantly, her patients' health and wellbeing. She really takes the time to listen and give you focused attention. Her approach to treatment is very gentle and sensitive. I moved out of state before my treatment could be completed but I always felt an improvement in my symptoms after a visit with Mandi." Quotes
Lyubov B.

Quotes I have had acupuncture treatments from Mandi since the days schooling. I have always been impressed with her confidence, knowledge and abilities. (this is not a biased opinion) I have heard and gotten the same report from all my clients that I have sent to her! Some have had very long term results. I am a massage therapist and need the treatments to continue my career as well. Each time the relief has been quick and immediate. The benefit is so much more than just pain relief. It includes a overall feeling of comfort, balance, and well being..kinda like all is "right with the world and all in it"! Acupuncture is the best, and Mandi is the best! I know my clients and Dr. McClaren miss her a lot! Quotes
Carolyn M Thompson LMT
satisfied LMT, Mom and Client!

Quotes "I have been receiving treatment for the last three months and have seen a positive change. I am more consistent in my energy level and have noticed good changes in my digestive track. I am looking forward to more changes and a healthier lifestyle in the future." Quotes
Jake S.

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